Firewood Processor: Purpose And Components

Small companies and individuals are looking for ways to increase their ability to cut and split firewood. Cutting wood by axe is time-consuming. It is less productive than using machinery that is more sophisticated. One specific cutting tool capable of improving productivity is a firewood processor.

What Are Firewood Processors?

Firewood processors for logs are for cutting and splitting firewood. Its purpose is to accomplish this with a minimum of actually handling the wood manually. The intent is to perform the loading, cutting, splitting, and unloading of logs as easily and quickly as possible. This allows an individual to produce enough firewood for his/her home. Having a firewood processor also means it is possible for a single person to start a firewood supply company.

Components of Firewood Processors

Firewood processors come in diverse sizes. Various manufacturers produce variations on a basic theme. While they may improve the safety features or redesign the basic concept, in general, all firewood processors consist of the following four components:

1. Log Deck Feeder or Input Conveyor: This can be a conveyor belt type of feeder although a chain feed and even an overhead grapple is possible for larger models

2. Sawing Station: As the name indicates, this part is responsible for the actual cutting or sawing of the log. It may be automatic or semi-automatic circular or chain saw.

3. Splitting Chamber: This is where the splitting of the cut wood occurs

4. Outfeed, Output or Discharge: This part is usually a conveyor belt of some type

Feeding the logs into the machine may be manual or through an automatic power system.

Firewood Processor

Many small wood chopping companies are turning away from strictly manual to a faster, easier means of producing firewood. A firewood processor can reduce the amount of manual labor while increasing the speed of production. Overall, firewood processors are an excellent tool for a small company wishing to improve its production capabilities.

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