Fire Watch in Louisville KY Can Protect Your Invest While You Improve Your Alarm Systems

Even with a great insurance policy, a fire can be devastating for a business. Important documents may be destroyed and it can take weeks or months before the business can replace all of the lost equipment or inventory to allow you to reopen your doors for customers. An alarm system in Louisville KY can notify the fire department but it may take time for them to verify the emergency and arrive at your location. When it is vital to your business that fire does not destroy your property, consider using Fire Watch.

Fire watch service can be used temporarily or on a long-term basis. Business and property owners who use fire watch services on a short-term basis often have another means of protecting their building from fire. They may merely need a security team to watch their building while they upgrade and test a their fire alarm system. Having a security service on site for fire watch can mean the difference between minimal and major damage if a fire breaks out while your alarm system in not operational.

Some companies use Fire Watch as an additional security measure after their fire alarm systems in Louisville KY are working because the owners feel safer knowing their property is getting personal attention when they can’t be there. Security personnel can patrol your property to ensure there are no suspicious activities. In the event that there is a fire, your fire watch team can alert the authorities so the situation will be handled quickly. A fast response from the fire department when your property is on fire can make the added security well worth the cost.

When you contract with security officers to patrol your property, you can be sure that they are properly trained in fire watch procedures and meet the requirements set by the state fire marshal. They will keep a written log of their activities while they are on your property and you will be provided with a copy of the log upon request. The officers may check each area of your property as often as every half hour during their shift in order to protect your building and business from fire damage.

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