Finding Your Dream Home in the Vast Acreage and Available Homes of Idaho

Idaho is a great place to build a dream home. There is a lot of untapped real estate here ready to buy and move in, or ready to build on. Homes For Sale in Idaho are incredibly affordable, compared to the same amount of square footage and acreage of land in other neighboring states. Here’s how and where to find some of the most desirable homes for sale and available acreage in Idaho.

Many Homes in the Southwest Corner of the State

From a mere $100,000 to $1,000,000, you are sure to find something that makes you swoon when you look over the listings of properties available in this part of the state. Each home is surrounded by a very nice and generous amount of land, too. A few listings will take you to the southeast corner of the state, but listings are few and far between there. A lot of acreage for a very small price is available if you would rather buy the land and build your dream house instead.

Use the Best Real Estate Agency in Boise, Idaho

This agency focuses on luxury properties, including plots of land that are at least two acres and homes that have at least a couple thousand square feet. Sometimes smaller homes make the listings for this agency, but only when the grandeur of the home fits with the agency’s desire to bring clients the best of the best. If you are interested in listings in Idaho, contact Legacy Real Estate Co. at

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