Finding The Wake Board Boots You’ve Always Wanted

Choosing from a variety of wake boards may become your primary focus as you begin to enjoy the sport, but choosing the right boots and wakeboard bindings is equally as important so that you remain in control and appreciate an awesome time across the water.

Choosing The Best Boots for Your Sport

A high level competition wake boarder already understands the importance of choosing the best boots for surfing, but as a beginner or relatively new to the sport of wake surfing, you might be surprised at how important it is to choose the right boots.

Choose effectively and you can instantly improve your performance on the water. Poor choices will make your surfing difficult and potentially impossible. When your choices are incorrect, your toes will become extremely sore after a short period of time and you may lose control of your board, on the water. This will quickly remove some of the enjoyment from the sport.

Depending upon where you are experiencing surfing with your wake boards, remember that US sizes are different from European sizes, which are also different from UK sizes. When you know your feet size wherever you are going to be surfing, you are increasing the opportunity of enjoying your sport. Some manufacturers offer half sizes to help you wearing a boot that is exactly right for your needs. An 8 with one brand might be a different size compared to an alternate brand in size 8.

Should You Choose Closed or Open Toe Wakeboard Binding?

New boots are always stiff, so it is important to manipulate the opening and lace area around the boot so that you can remove the toughness of the material.

With closed toe wakeboard binding the boots may feel too tight in the early stages as you force your foot into the boot. It is important to stand up in your boots before tying the laces or the Velcro. Once you have applied the laces or the Velcro, rocking your feet backwards and forwards helps to settle the laces and your foot, into the correct position. This is the time to further tighten the laces or the Velcro a little more.

By standing in your favorite wake board stance you will know how the boot is going to feel once you are out on the water. Your toes are going to be close to the front of the boot and your heel will be pushed back to the rear of the boot.

You should ask your professional experts about choosing between closed or open toe wakeboard binding. They will offer their opinion about both options, but remember that your boots will stretch the more you use them and like shoes, will eventually fit closely to the shape of your feet. The bindings will stretch and are designed to mold to your feet. You can adjust the binding over time so that it provides a snug fit and you can forget your boots and concentrate on your wake surfing.

Here at Pull Watersports. we enjoy wake surfing as much as you. When you need to select a wake board we are here to help you make an informed decision that’s awesome for you. All boards are at the best possible prices. We look forward to connecting with people who share our love of the water and water sports.

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