Finding the Right Therapist for Your Teenager

When your teenager is misbehaving, it is easy to assume they are just moody because they are a teenager, but this is not always the case. Teenagers today face very real problems such as preparing to enter the job market in what is one of the worst economic depressions, school violence is rising to the surface lately, and there is the media’s negative portrayal of their generation. It is also easy to forget that, even if their problems do not seem that bad to you, you know how to address difficult issues. They are still learning, so, how can you find the best adolescent therapy center in St. Paul for your child?

Find A Specialist

It is often too easy to think of your teenage child as basically an adult at times, but this is not the case. Teenagers have unique problems and ways of dealing with them that no other age group has. This means that you need a therapist who knows specifically how to work with teenagers.


Religious therapists and drug counselors are often trained for a specific purpose and can likely help your child, but should not be your first choice unless they are having substance abuse problems. Before you send your child to a therapist, make sure you review their credentials and make sure they are fully qualified to treat your child.


Making sure that your chosen therapist will accept your insurance and that your insurance company will pay for the sessions is an important step as well. You do not want to finish a session only to find out you are going to be paying the fees out of pocket because your insurance denied the claim.

Choosing a therapist for a teenager is more involved than finding one for an adult or child. Teenagers require unique attention because of the stage of their lives they are in.

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