Finding the right team players for Rigging in Austin

Many people are finding that moving can be a stressful experience but, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are moving a house full of furniture, an entire office building, to even building a new skyscraper, having a professional and safe rigging company is the key to having reliable and stable work. Companies that do Rigging in Austin are trained to safely and effectively get the job done so that you don’t have to.

Rigging companies and their employees often specialize in:

• Moving

• Erecting buildings and structures

• Lifting

• Painting/ Storing large equipment

• Millwright

With the help of specialized equipment and having up-to-date safety training, riggers can provide superb service to all types of jobs including; moving smaller machines such as printing presses, office equipment, and delicate cameras to larger projects like relocating a sculpture weighing over one million pounds. So how do you decide which company to choose?

Some key factors to consider when choosing the right company may include but are not limited to:

Budgeting Factors

When choosing a rigging company, having a clear idea of how large of a move is needed will help to determine how large of a company is needed to complete the job. However, a word of caution, just because the company fits within the budget, that does not always mean they will provide the best of services. Making sure that you have just the right amount money to work with is crucial for choosing the right company.

Market Research

While there are many companies that offer Rigging in Austin, knowing what companies are the most reputable throughout the city will help to narrow down the search.


With the convenience of the internet, scheduling or reserving companies has never been easier. However, unless the website specifically states the pricing for their services, receiving and determining the actual quote for the job will be hard to do unless the company is contacted directly.

Licensed and Insured

Nothing is worse than having an accident on the job site and not being insured. Making sure the company has been licensed and insured with the state keeps unwanted legal issues at bay.

When the right company has been chosen, rest assured that the job will be completed with ease. No job is too large or too small when it comes to the rigging industry. Check us out, and let’s get the job done!

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