Finding the Right Caterer for Your Event

When you are planning a big event, whether it is a corporate seminar, a wedding, birthday celebration, or other important event, you will want to make sure you have a caterer who can help you create the perfect experience for your guests. As you look for a Chicago caterer to work with, consider these important aspects and make your choice of who to hire:

Reviews and Ratings- Ask for recommendations from friends and family members and as you talk to your top list of catering companies, ask them for review from past clients and check what others say about them and the events they served at.

Food and Drink Selections – Check with the catering companies to see what options they have for food and drink. If you have something specific in mind or your event has a certain theme or dietary needs you have to make sure your caterer can accommodate your needs.

Locations and Venues- Some caterers can go wherever you need them and others have limited venues they work with so this is emoting that will need to be discussed during the interview process.

Professional and Friendly- As you talk to your narrowed list of top caterers, make sure you get a feel for how the staff work together their interaction with customers, and how they react to questions and problems. You want a friendly and professional staff working your big event!

Prices- And of course money always comes into play so you will need to get quotes from your short-listed companies and see what they can do for you based off the size of your event, the food and drink requests, and the location of the venue.

To get started with planning your next big event, consider contacting Food For Thought and see what they can offer you. Chicago caterers are a critical part of any event and they can help you bring it all together!

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