Finding The Proper Lighting for Getting Ready and For Online Calls

Makeup lights are used by makeup artists, hairstylists, nail techs, and estheticians. They use LED technology to create dazzling daylight. Without the proper lighting, it is impossible to see skin, hair, and nail details. Regular overhead lighting creates shadows and does not provide the even lighting necessary to see and address any issues that may occur. A client could look wonderful indoors, and when they step out into the natural light of the sun, where missed imperfections can be revealed. A natural light mirror creates the proper lighting required to provide a flawless, finished look. If you are trying to recreate the flawless hair and makeup look created by professionals, you will need one in your home as well.

How bright should the light be?

When applying makeup and styling your hair, you should be conscious of the time of day you will be going out. A great natural light mirror will provide 5 different levels of brightness control, to simulate the different levels of brightness you can experience through the day and into the night.

Zoom Meetings

Proper lighting is necessary for online meetings by keeping you out of the shadows and providing proper illumination to your face without blinding light. The wrong lighting will show, or even emphasize, the flaws in your skin and cast a greenish tint to your skin and an unflattering glow to your eyes. Adding a magnet mount to your natural light mirror can secure your phone or camera to your mirror, to literally show you in your best light!

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