Finding A Manufacturer Of Dental Equipment Parts

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, finding a reliable and dependable source of dental equipment parts is a priority. There are many different contract manufacturers out there advertising their ability to design parts within the industry, but not many have the expertise, experience, and in-house production capacity to work with small to large OEMs.

To find the ideal company to work with, it is important for the OEM to spend time in reviewing several important factors before making a choice in a manufacturer.

In-House Engineering

One of the initial steps in any new product will be engineering and design. By choosing a company to produce prototype and volume production of dental equipment parts with in-house engineering and product design support the process can be streamlined for faster marketability of the finished equipment parts.

In-House Precision Production

In-house services such as CNC machining, injection molding and stamping in one location help to reduce the costs and time of production. Additionally, with one company completing all aspects of the production of dental equipment parts, there is greater quality control and fewer issues with multiple companies involved in the process.

Industry Experience

There are some US-based companies with decades in the dental parts and components industry. These companies are recognized names with experience in working on dental equipment and with a full understanding of what dental professionals and patients require.

Certifications and Quality Control

With any dental part or component, quality control should be a priority for the manufacturing service company. Top companies will have ISO9001:2008 certification, demonstrating their commitment to full quality control and ongoing improvement throughout the production cycle.

Research does take a bit of time, but it is an investment in the quality and the reliability of the company selected. By considering all aspects of the company before comparing prices, choosing the best provider becomes a much easier task.

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