Finding A Good Cosmetic Dentist

There is little doubt that an individual’s teeth are one of the most important physical assets. Teeth are responsible for giving shape to the face and they determine what we eat and how we eat it. To maintain this asset, it is important that maintenance is performed on a daily basis and on a period basis.

On a daily basis, complete brushing and flossing is very important. On a period basis a trip to the dentist every six months is very important. The semi-annual visits to the dentist are when you can arrange a professional cleaning and visual checkup. The cleaning will rid your teeth of any plaque buildup which reduces the formation of bacteria that can lead to bad breath and the beginning of tooth decay; the check-up gives the dentist an opportunity to see if any remedial work has to be done.

As the years go by, no matter how well we look after our teeth, time takes a toll. If you are a smoker the teeth will become stained from the tars in the cigarette, if you play active sports you probably will have a tooth chipped or worse, knocked out. In cases like this, the proper dentists to consult are cosmetic dentists in Arlington.

Cosmetic dentists have received specialized training and are competent practitioners who go that one step further; they can help to put your teeth back to what they once were, cosmetically. For teeth that are terribly stained the cosmetic dentist can whiten and bleach them, a perfectly safe way to whiter teeth that can be done either in the office or at home. For teeth that may be chipped or worn on the biting surfaces, cosmetic dentists in Arlington can add a veneer to the tooth surfaces. A veneer can change the shape of the teeth as well as change the color. A similar procedure to a veneer is tooth bonding; this procedure is often used to close gaps between the teeth.

For years, if a tooth was lost to an accident or decay, the only solution was a bridge or denture. Today, the cosmetic dentists in Arlington can undertake a procedure called tooth implant. A titanium insert is implanted in the jaw bone and a cosmetic crown is affixed to the inset once it has completely boned with the jaw bone. A tooth implant is virtually a third chance at perfect teeth.

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