Finding a Certified Eye Doctor in Andover, KS

When choosing an eye care specialist, it is important to find an eye doctor who is experienced. Business Name has an Eye Doctor in Andover, KS who focuses on providing you with the highest quality eye care and offers over 30 eye care services. Services ranging from basic eye exams to eye surgeries are available. There are 11 board certified MD Ophthalmologists, 33 Optometrists and hundreds of opticians, technicians and clerical support staff. Business Name is one of the largest eye care groups in the nation and is doctor owned.

Your entire family can be taken care of by an Eye Doctor in Andover, KS. Optometry and Ophthalmology are services provided. Family Practice Optometry, Senior Eye Care and Children’s Eye Care are a few of the specialties performed. Vision Therapy for children and adults is also an option for your family. Even infants can be given eye exams and eye surgeries. Frames, contact lenses, safety glasses and sunglasses are optical services for your family as well. You can choose from numerous name brand frames such as Nike, Coach, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada, and other popular selections. Certified optical staff provide custom fittings for eyeglasses, safety glasses and contact lenses. Eyeglasses can be repaired and adjustments are free.

LASIK is becoming a common procedure. The most sophisticated technology is used by an Eye Doctor in Andover, KS to perform LASIK. Other surgeries such as cataract, cornea, cosmetic eyelid and retina are performed as well. Optometry procedures provided are Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease, Dry Eye Therapy, Glaucoma, Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation. Ophthalmology services include Adult Strabismus, Diabetic Retinopathy, Double Vision and Eye Muscle Disorders, Tear Duct and Orbital Disorders.

The Eye Doctor in Andover KS specializes in many different areas. Whether it be Surgical and Disease Co-management, Corneal Transplantation, Family Practice, or other needs, there is a doctor on staff who is certified to give you the eye care service you need. Taking care of your eyes is as important as taking care of the rest of your body. You should get your eyes checked annually. If you need to get a particular procedure done or simply need glasses, going to an office providing the service you need by a certified Eye Doctor is a must.

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