Finding a Car Accident Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Finding yourself on the wrong end of a car accident can be a costly experience. It does not matter whether you were the perpetrator of the accident or the person harmed in the accident, either way there will likely be legal fees and other consequences.

Since August 31st, 2012 Arizona has had a ban on texting and driving. The law mainly pertains to drivers under the age of eighteen and they must not, under any circumstances, use an electronic communication device while in charge of a vehicle. The only time in which they are allowed to access such a device is while parked and out of a traffic lane and even then they are only allowed to use the device for emergency purposes.

Texting Banned in Thirty-Nine States

Because texting has become such a contentious subject when it comes to driving, it has been banned in many places. Thirty-nine states currently have bans on texting while driving, as well as the District of Columbia. Generally speaking, most of the laws of each state command that electronic devices on any kind not be used while in charge of the moving vehicle. The laws encompassed are usually under the umbrella of ‘distracted driving’, therefore it is not the texting itself that one can get a ticket for, but for being distracted while in control of the vehicle. It can cause serious accidents and even death.

If you are sensible, you should be lucky enough never to be involved in serious car accident. However, there is no accounting for the other 99% of drivers who may think otherwise. Some circumstances cannot be avoided, such as icy roads, but in general, if people are careful, they should drive in relative safety. A Tucson, AZ car accident attorney can either help you win a case against an offending driver, or defend you, if you are the offending driver. You will need to speak to an attorney if you have been in an accident that has cause you or another a personal injury. You will a strong defense if you are going to be accused of causing an accident while distracted, drunk or under the influence. You may also be accused of careless driving, whether you were distracted or not.

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