Filing for Social Security Disability in Tulsa, OK

In Oklahoma, social security disability benefits are available to applicants with a qualifying condition. The qualifying condition could be either mental or physical, and it must prevent the individual from working. A local attorney helps disabled individuals obtain Social Security disability in Tulsa, OK.

Starting an Application

The claimant must start by completing an application for Social Security disability through the regional Social Security Administration. The claimant must provide details about their condition to the best of their ability. It is acceptable if they need assistance when completing the forms. However, anyone who helps must sign the forms. All doctors who provided care for the claimant for the condition must be also listed on the application.

Submitting Medical Records

If possible, the claimant should include all medical records associated with the condition in their claim. This could provide the SSA with more conclusive information about the condition. It could lower the waiting time for processing the claim. If the records aren’t readily available, the agency can file a request with the doctor to obtain the records.

Disability Determination Services

The Disability Determination Services conduct an assessment of each claim they receive. If the claim doesn’t present an eligible condition, they deny the claim. If the claim presents evidence of a condition that warrants approval, the claim is forwarded to the Social Security Administration. Any claims that are denied by either agency present the claimant with the opportunity for a reconsideration.

Filing for a Reconsideration

A reconsideration involves a second review of the claimant’s application. Typically, an attorney files for the reconsideration or appeal. The Social Security Administration conducts the reconsideration for the claim. If they deny the claim, the claimant has the option to file a lawsuit.

In Oklahoma, social security disability benefits are awarded to claimants with qualifying conditions. The benefits are paid out around the first of the month. They are based on the condition and the claimant’s household income. Claimants who need help with Social Security disability in Tulsa, OK can visit for more information about claims today.