Filing Appeals with Social Security Disability Attorneys in Monroe, LA.

Most applicants are denied Social Security benefits on their first application. The federal judges in charge of these benefits must safeguard the money at all costs and only award them to people who show a legitimate injury or illness. Unless you suffer from a terminal health condition like cancer or lung fibrosis, your chances of getting them on the first try are minimal.

Still, there is nothing preventing you from appealing your denial and having the court hear your case again. You can file an appeal right away by hiring one of the Social Security disability attorneys in Monroe, LA. to represent you.

Going to Court Again

The judge assigned to your case will need to see new evidence to back up your claim of being sick or injured to the point that you cannot work. Your lawyer can submit evidence like doctors’ reports and x-rays showing the extent of your health condition. If needed, he or she can also record the statements of your healthcare workers who can tell the court that you cannot work in a meaningful or productive capacity.

With your lawyer’s help, you could win your appeal on the second or third attempt. You also can get a settlement of money dating to the day of your first application.

You can find out more about hiring one of the Social Security disability attorneys in Monroe, LA. online. Go to to schedule a consultation.

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