Filing A Paternity Suit Through Your Family Law Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK

A family law attorney Oklahoma City, OK offers assistance through proceedings such as divorce, paternity, child custody, adoptions, and guardianships. These attorneys help clients acquire DNA testing to prove whether they are the biological father of a child and to initiate parental rights when paternity is established. These leads to visitation orders once a motion to receive these rights is initiated. If you believe that you are the father of a child for who you do not have any existing parental rights, contact Maria Tully Erbar today to file a paternity claim.

Paternity Suits

At any time that it is suspected that you are the biological father of a child despite the current relationship you have with the mother, you have the legal right to file a paternity suit. This motion will allow the court to initiate DNA testing to determine whether you are the biological father of the child. Once paternity is established, you also have the legal right to file for visitation rights of the child. In cases where the mother is unfit and/or otherwise not properly caring for the child, abusing the child, or is involved in illegal activities, you may file for custody.

Local Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of Maria Tully Erbar attorney provides a vast array of family law related services. She offers paternity testing, child visitation claims, and legal guardianship assignments. This attorney helps possible fathers to establish paternity through court-ordered DNA testing and helps these fathers successfully acquire the chance to know their children. If you need help in establishing paternity, call her law office and schedule an appointment.


Your Family Law Attorney Oklahoma City OK assists you in acquiring DNA testing to prove paternity. At any time that you suspect that you are the biological father of a child, you have the right to initiate a paternity claim. Once the claim is filed in court, the mother is required to submit to testing, unless existing DNA evidence proves that another man is the biological father. Failure to comply with testing when evidence does not already exist is a violation of a court order and the court can enforce this requirement.

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