Filing A Claim Against An Employer With Labor Law Attorneys In Northampton, MA

In Massachusetts, workers are protected under federal and state labor laws. These laws prevent unethical actions by employers and managers. These unethical actions are defined under U.S. Department of Labor regulations. Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA represent workers who fell victim to these unethical practices.

Identifying the Labor Law Violated by the Employer

The first step is identifying the labor law that was violated by the employer. A common occurrence applies to prevention of overtime wages. It is followed closely by discrimination and sexual harassment. The attorney identifies the most appropriate legal action by defining the violation.

Gathering Evidence of These Violations

The origin of the necessary evidence depends on the violation. For example, prevention of overtime wages could identify unethical changes to time-sheets. Modification of time-sheets to reflect fewer hours is illegal under federal labor laws. A copy of the time-sheet before and after the modification is credible evidence. In this case, the worker must provide a copy of their paystub showing the reduced wages.

Reporting the Employer to the Department of Labor

All workers have the right to report unethical activity to the U.S. Department of Labor. These workers are protected under whistle-blower laws that prevents retaliation by the employer. The federal or state agency could launch an investigation. The findings determine if the worker has a legal cause of action against the employer.

Seeking Damages from the Employer

The worker may seek monetary damages from the employer. These damages are based on the violation identified. For example, fraudulent time-sheets changes equate to lost wages for the worker. The worker may file a legal claim to acquire these wages from their employer. Employees who were fired after filing a report may file a claim to acquire future wages. The calculations for the wages begin on the date of termination. Click here for more details about the professional labor law attorneys in Northampton, MA.

In Massachusetts, all employers must comply with federal and state labor laws. A failure to comply makes them liable, and the worker can file a lawsuit. These failures could equate to alterations of time-sheets, false termination, or discriminatory actions. Workers who need to hire Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA should visit us website to seek representation.

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