Fighting Against Unethical Physicians With Medicare Lawyers

New York seniors may become victims of Medicare abuse. In these instances, one of the two scenarios is probable. Either their health care provider has billed the insurance giant for services that weren’t performed or Medicare refuses to pay for services. When these issues arise, the senior may face difficulties in utilizing their insurance coverage.

Fighting Against Unethical Physicians

Since seniors don’t see the billing codes entered into the computer, they aren’t aware of false charges utilized by their physician. Unfortunately, for some seniors these services could be included in options that are available to them annually. When this is the case, the senior cannot utilize their coverage to pay for the cost of these requirements. In turn, they may incur unnecessary out of pocket expenses. When this occurs, the unethical physician acquires double payment for the services.

Reviewing Your Policy and Rights

Medicare Lawyers understand the recent changes in Medicare and Medicaid policies. With this understanding, they can provide seniors with more details about their coverage and what changes affect them. For some seniors, these changes may require them to acquire further policies to cover all their expenses each year.

Investigating Billing Errors

Seniors, who don’t understand their medical bills or believe they are receiving bills in error should discuss them with their attorney. For example, a senior who receives a bill for costs that are covered fully through Medicare should consult an attorney. When this is the case, the attorney could review their policy to ensure that there isn’t a co-pay or hidden cost for the service. The attorney could also acquire information from the doctor’s office to determine if they entered the correct billing code for the services. With changing codes for medical systems, this is a high probability.

Seniors rely on Medicare and Medicaid for a large portion of their health-related expenses. However, some changes in their policies aren’t always easy to comprehend. This is where Medicare Lawyers step in to help them understand what they should expect from their coverage, and if they need to make any changes on their own. To learn more about senior health care and your rights contact Mark Aberasturi today.

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