Fiberglass Patio Doors (Glass Sliding Doors) Over Vinyl Patio Doors (Glass Sliding Doors)?

You cherish the time that you spend out on your patio. The warm summer days grilling out with friends and family help you to relax and forget about your work problems and other responsibilities. One of your favorite, underappreciated parts of hanging out on the patio is hauling the sliding glass door open and closed. The resounding coasting noise as it moves back and forth and ensuing click as it snaps into place are the sounds of summer and always signal the emergence of someone bringing cold drinks or backed goods! However, you have started to notice that your sliding door may not be in the best shape that it has ever been in. You know that you should replace it, but you don’t want to have to replace it so soon afterwards, like you did last time. It is time to get serious about your patio door needs!

Fiberglass: The Residential Glass Material of the Future

Your vinyl doors have served you pretty well over the years. They have been relatively affordable and have been pretty easy to install. However, you think that it is time to go for something other than the usual vinyl patio doors in Waterloo. The most important characteristic in a new patio door that should be considered is the overall durability. Fiberglass has been found to be almost forty percent more durable than vinyl, ensuring a longer lifespan and more time between finding replacement windows or doors. The combination of being ultralightweight yet incredibly strong, roughly eight times as strong as vinyl, adds to fiberglass’ appeal. Why settle for a glass that is significantly weaker when you can purchase one for only a slightly higher cost? As fiberglass grows in popularity, it will increasingly become the standard option for all homeowners’ glass needs.

Consistent Expansion and Contraction, Less Seal Failure

Fiberglass also has the advantage over vinyl in terms of the amount of condensation and fog that one can expect to build up on their patio doors. Because fiberglass is actually sourced from the same material as the window glass, the window glass and the surrounding frame contract and expand at roughly the same rate. The result of this is stronger seals that create better shields against the elements, allowing less fog and condensation to build up on and around the windows. You don’t want an obstructed view of the backyard barbecue do you?

In your search for the best sliding glass patio doors in Waterloo, it makes sense to consider a material that is not only becoming much more popular, but can promise durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Don’t spend the summer worrying about replacing your sliding glass patio door. Consider fiberglass and spend more time enjoying the summer!

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