Fencing Services in Christiansburg VA Prevent Kids and Pets From Going Beyond the Pale

The expression “beyond the pale” essentially means doing something out of the bounds of accepted behavior. Although there is debate about the precise origin of the term, it seems as though archaically it applied to anyone having the nerve to venture beyond the barriers around a community without express permission. The word pale on its own could have referred to a tall wooden stake or picket, similar to components installed by Fencing Services in Christiansburg VA today.

Advantages of Yard Barriers

Fencing Services in Christiansburg VA help property owners achieve somewhat similar goals in preventing their kids and pets from venturing beyond the fence boundaries. With supervision, cats can be free to roam around a fenced yard as long as the barrier is constructed so they can’t climb it or jump over it. Dogs usually don’t need to be as closely supervised, and most tend to like being out in the yard occasionally. A fence also can prevent children from spontaneously running into the street without thinking as they chase a ball.

The fencing not only prevents going beyond the pale, it also enhances security and blocks unwanted critters. Other people’s pets won’t roam into the yard, and the right types of fencing are reasonably effective at blocking raccoons, possums, deer and other wildlife. People also are unlikely to use the yard as a shortcut when it’s fenced off.

Deciding on Function and Material

Before hiring a contractor such as Sam Fencing, the property owners should determine exactly what they want the barrier to accomplish and the material it will be made of. Vinyl and wood can look very similar, for instance, but they look nothing like a chain link fence. An aluminum fence can be constructed to look like wrought iron, but not like wood.

Taking Cues From Neighbors

If this is an established neighborhood, the property owners may want to take a cue from people who already have fences. Are tall wood privacy fences the norm, or do people prefer chain link fencing as a friendlier option with almost complete visibility between yards? Once the decisions are made, it’s time to start checking out websites like Sam-fencing.com.

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