Features to Look for with Assisted Living Apartments in Wichita, KS

Now that the decision is made to sell the home and move into an assisted living facility, it pays to determine what sort of living arrangement would be best. One approach is to focus on what is available in the way of assisted living apartments in Wichita KS. Here are some of the amenities and features that will make the apartment a great place to live.

An Open Floor Plan

For someone who has lived in a house for decades, making the move to an apartment will require some adjustment. This is often due to the feeling that the rooms are so much smaller. To help ease the transition, consider Assisted Living Apartments in Wichita KS, with open floor plans. The right one will likely allow the tenant to step into a main room that is large enough to accommodate a living and a dining area. If the kitchen is separated from the space by a bar rather than a wall, that will help to increase the feeling of an open and airy space.

Plenty of Closets

Even though moving to an apartment will mean getting rid of a lot of belongings, it pays to make sure the apartment has a reasonable amount of closet space. Having a closet near the entrance to house coats and umbrellas is a good move. In the bedrooms, make sure the closets can be arranged so that clothing is stored without being crammed on the rod. Some shelving over the rod will also make the ideal space for storing accessories like hats or boxes of scarves.

Remember that the place should also include a linen closet. Having room for sheets and blankets is a must. Room to store comfortable throws that can be used during cold weather is also a good idea.

Social Activities

While the main focus of the apartment is the amenities inside, do not overlook what the facility has to offer in general. Take a good look at the common areas that are open to all residents. Is there a nice clubhouse for games and other amusements? A walking track along with a swimming pool will also come in handy. All these features will make it easier to meet other residents and begin to cultivate a lot of new friends.

For more information on assisted living options, Browse our website today. It will not take long to find something that is a perfect fit.

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