Fast, Reliable Proof of Funds and Verification of Deposit in LA

Big purchases are full of complex paperwork and red tape. Among these are the Proof of Funds (POF) and a Verification of Deposit (VOD). Swift Capital Funds is proud to be a leading bank guarantee provider in the Los Angeles area, and your resource for POF and deposit verification.

We operate with a huge pool of funds, and a wide range of account amounts. The POFs are available in increments of six months, and there’s no need for a credit check. With interest rates as low as one percent, we keep our services affordable as well as effective for those looking to move forward in their financial endeavors. Further, we understand that time is of the essence, and get you approved in as little as five days.

Swift Capital Funds Provides Proof of Funds

Your account for POF is not a loan. Rather, it is an efficient manner of partnering with an organization for the benefit of your financial profile. Ultimately, this can buy you time during those significant transactions. You may have heard POF referred to as cash collateral accounts or leased funds, which simply means that your account is real, cash-backed and debt-secured. Your accounts can be anywhere from $100K to $10 billion, and will be maintained under your name and with your signature. No financial statements are required to set up this service.

Among the motivations clients have for seeking a POF are credit enhancement, commodities transactions, commercial real estate transactions, funding trading platforms, leveraging funds for large commercial projects, qualifying for financing and net worth requirements.

What Is Verification of Deposit?

A VOD is a document that generally satisfies the requirements of a POF. Once signed by your financial institution, it verifies the balance of your relevant financial accounts. Other kinds of verification do exist, though may come with special procedures for account set up and an additional cost.

Other Services from Swift Capital Funds

Swift will be glad to speak with you about any of the services we offer. Explore your options for a Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC), cash account or an MT760, MT799 or MT999. Whichever you choose, our staff will guide you though the process, and always keep your best interests at heart.

Go into life’s biggest purchases with the confidence and security of a Swift Capital Funds Proof of Funds and Verification of Deposit. We look forward to being your financial partner in Los Angeles and surrounding area. Contact us today!


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