FAQs About Services Patients Can Acquire At An Eye Surgery Center In Oahu

In Hawaii, patients who need vision correction can undergo effective procedures to address these issues. The surgeon provides comprehensive surgeries to address diseases of the eyes as well as laser-assistance options to correct vision. The following are FAQs about services patients can acquire at an Eye Surgery Center Oahu.

Why Do Patients Request Lasik Eye Surgery?

This eye surgery can correct a variety of eye-related conditions. It can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and any astigmatism. The surgery can correct the vision effectively and prevent the patient from needing eyeglasses and contacts to see better. The surgery doesn’t take an extended period of time to complete and won’t require an extended recovery period.

How Do Surgeons Perform the Procedure?

The surgeons create a thin flap in the affected cornea. The flap is folded over to allow the surgeon to reach the interior section of the cornea. The surgeon removes the affected portion of the cornea that is causing the vision issue. They use an enhanced laser to perform the surgery. The laser applies a cooler ultraviolet light that doesn’t heat up the cornea or cause damage. During this procedure, the surgeon reshapes the cornea to eliminate any vision-related issues completely. Patients should contact an Eye Surgery Center Oahu to learn more about each procedure.

What to Expect Before the Surgery?

The surgeon provides eye drops that numb the eye. They complete a full eye examination to ensure that there aren’t any additional issues present. If there are other conditions present, the surgeon must address these conditions first. They cannot perform the Lasik surgery if the patient has existing glaucoma or cataracts. They must perform the necessary procedures for these conditions and allow enough time for the patient’s eye to heal.

In Hawaii, patients can correct their vision and eliminate common conditions through an eye surgeon. The patient could also eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contacts completely. Surgeons at these facilities are trained to correct conditions that can hinder the vision and cause further problems down the road. Patients who need the services offered by an Eye Surgery Center Oahu contact Hawaii Vision Clinic today.

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