Family Dentistry in Roseburg, OR will Provide Children with Preventative and Emergency Care

Selecting a family dentist is an important decision. All members of the family need to have regular check-ups and dental treatments. A dentist at a Family Dentistry in Roseburg, OR practice will develop a special relationship with children. As soon as a baby gets their first tooth, they should have their first dental appointment. Parents often think that baby teeth aren’t that important, because they just fall out. This is incorrect. Baby teeth ensure that a child’s jaw develops correctly. This will give adult teeth the room they need to develop properly.

Once the adult teeth emerge, the dentist will apply Fluoride to the teeth. This strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents cavities. As soon as the back molars emerge, the dentist will coat the top of them with a sealant. This will fill microscopic cracks in the enamel and prevent bacteria from entering them. A dentist at a Family Dentistry in Roseburg Oregon practice will also check the teeth location to determine, if the child will need braces. Early intervention can minimize the time that the child has to wear braces. This keeps orthodontic costs as low as possible.

While regular checkups can prevent cavities, they can’t prevent accidents. Children and teens often knock out their teeth while playing sports. Parents should try and find the tooth as soon as possible. They should keep it moist and go to the Family Dentistry office immediately. If the dentist can insert the tooth back into the socket, there is a chance that the tooth can be saved. If that is not possible, then the dentist can discuss the best way to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants have revolutionized the way that teeth are replaced. Once the titanium implant is inserted in the jaw and is incorporated, it is as strong as any natural tooth root. When it is topped with a porcelain crown, it functions just like any natural tooth.

If a child just chips a tooth, the dentist can reshape the tooth by bonding resin to it. He simply fills in the missing tooth part, shapes it properly and shines a laser on it to harden the resin. In just a few minutes the resin is hard and the patch is invisible. Dental emergencies are less stressful for both the child and parent, when they are treated in a familiar dental office.

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