Facts of Rf Ablasion Norman

Spondylarthrosis is a particular form of osteoarthritis, which is a form of heterogeneous diseases, is based on the destruction of all the constituent elements of the joint – cartilage, subchondral bone, ligaments, and periarticular muscles. The most common section of arthritis is osteoarthritis of the spine. This affects joints between the vertebral bodies and the joints of the spinal segment. At this point, your local pain management clinic may try Rf Ablasion Norman. Click here for more details.

The principle of radiofrequency ablation is based on the physical principle of thermo-coagulation and isolation based on the effect of thermal energy. This is done while passing through biological tissue at ultrahigh frequency currents. Electrodes coupled to a current are supplied to the anatomical region. Electrical current passes between the active electrodes. They are performed with needles isolated at a length of 100 – 150 mm working on a section of 5-10 mm.

After introduction of a small amount of local anesthetic, the needle tip is heated to 80° C for 90 seconds. This causes coagulation of the nerve, but it also causes a little damage to surrounding tissues. At that point there is a certain amount of a mixture of local anesthetic and methylprednisolone. Then the needle is removed. This process is repeated with each tender joint or muscle.

* Facts

* Duration of operation is 20-30 minutes long.

* Analgesia is local anesthesia.

* Incisions: Percutaneous puncture of the lesion of the spine.

* Hospital stay: Day hospital, meaning the patient does not require hospitalization.

* Postoperative period: Limitation of physical activity (weight lifting, working, active sports). A course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is given along with COX-2 inhibitors.

* Effect: Procedure is effective in 90% of cases. The procedure has two effects. The first is an immediate effect, meaning that the pain decreases or disappears immediately after the procedure. The second is a long-term effect, which means it develops within 6-8 weeks. It is associated with the synaptic reorganization of the posterior horns of the spinal cord (gate pain). But the RF ablation technique impresses doctors with its simplicity, efficiency and low-traumatic numbers.

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