Facts of Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama

Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama are thin porcelain coverings that are placed over a healthy tooth or teeth to produce a whiter, more uniform, more attractive smile. Dentists are turning more to this procedure because of its dental properties, but patients are realizing how great the aesthetics are of the method. You should always consult your dentist before making a decision on a procedure. Here are five advantages of dental lumineers.

They look natural

Lumineers are made of a special type of porcelain, which perfectly mimics the texture and look of healthy human teeth. It has the translucent quality of enamel, so it reflects light in a natural-looking way. The material can be easily contoured to replicate the shape of a patient’s natural teeth. Additionally, Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama are precisely shaded to reflect the color of the patient’s teeth so that they are indistinguishable from the surrounding natural teeth.

They last a long time

Lumineers are very durable cosmetic applications; they are securely bonded to the surface of the teeth with a long-lasting adhesive. Unlike ordinary porcelain veneers, lumineers do not crack easily. They are also stain-resistant making them relatively color stable. Lumineers can maintain their luster and performance for 15 years or more.

No changes made to original tooth structure

Other dental applications like crowns and ordinary porcelain veneers require extensive tooth reduction and shaping. With lumineers, however, there is minimal preparation since the ultra-thin coverings bond easily to the teeth. Because no tooth reduction is done, lumineers are completely reversible. Moreover, since there is no loss of healthy enamel, the original structure of the teeth is preserved.

They strengthen the teeth

Over time, tooth enamel can wear down making teeth more vulnerable to decay, sensitivity and fractures. By adding an extra layer to the teeth, hard-wearing Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama actually strengthen the teeth preventing further erosion.

Cosmetic benefits

Lumineers can be used to cover chipped, fractured or stained teeth, correct crooked teeth, or fill in gaps in the teeth. They improve the shape, color and alignment of the teeth, resulting in a more radiant, attractive smile.

Gaining a perfect smile doesn’t have to be a tiresome process. Seeing your local dentist can help you explore what options are available to you. Contact Dr. Michael S. Anglin for more information. Visit www.birminghamkidsdentist.com for more information.


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