Facts Concerning Drug Abuse Outpatient Rehabilitation in Cape Coral FL

Each substance (drug or alcohol) has specific effects on the body and mind, and each has its risks. Because of the potential for harm of certain legal substances, such as alcohol and tobacco products, their consumption is limited to adults. Getting the right drug abuse Outpatient Rehabilitation in Cape Coral FL is, therefore, vital to the health of each patient.

Illegal drugs will always pose an additional risk because their content is never fully known. However, even over-the-counter or prescription medications are dangerous if they are not taken correctly. Alcohol and drug abuse occur when their use begins to negatively affect a person’s life and interferes with their relationships, activities, and well-being. Negative effects include loss of friends, being fired from their job, being kicked out of school, or getting into trouble with the law.

Consumption of alcohol and marijuana

Alcohol and marijuana (cannabis) are the substances most often consumed by young people in the US and Canada and are the most likely to be consumed in excessive amounts. Alcohol is often the first substance to be consumed, and many intermediate and high school students have consumed it at least once. Seeing a Nextep professional is one way to fight this disease.

Marijuana use is also frequent. In grades 7 to 12, use of alcohol and marijuana becomes more widespread, with alcohol use being more or less twice as high as marijuana use. Very few children and adolescents consume illegal drugs other than marijuana on a regular basis. The fact is that many young people will “try” drugs and alcohol. Some will become occasional users. Others will have substance abuse problems.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know in advance which people will have problems and who will not. If you or someone you care about has a substance abuse issue, seek care from your local Outpatient Rehabilitation in Cape Coral FL.

Dangers of alcohol and drug use

Alcohol and drug use pose risks at any age, but young people are particularly at risk. It can:

  • Harm the user’s physical and mental health in the short and long-term
  • Cause accidents, like auto collisions, because users take more risk and their judgment, attention, and reflexes are altered

It can also promote personality changes in the user (e.g., commit aggression -; like physical and sexual ones -; and could cause suicidal behaviors. Click here to learn more.

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