Facts About the Importance of Diesel Generators Used on Boats

Modern boats are stocked with all different sorts of devices that consume power. Whether they are air conditioners, GPS devices, refrigerators, or a multitude of other things, there is plenty on board that can drain the life from the battery. This is why it is important to have a quality generator designed by diesel generator manufacturers.

Don’t Let Them Sit

Marine generators need to be run to be effective. Contrary to what you may think, it is not a good idea to just let the generator sit unused. Make sure to run it on a scheduled basis even if it is not necessarily “needed.” This regular schedule will go a long toward preventing decay and rust on the generator.

Keep Them Dry

Diesel generator manufacturers recommend that you keep the generator dry, especially if you are in saltwater. The corrosive effects of the water will do damage to even the best of generators. Some boat owners who have chosen to purchase “cheap” models of generators have still reported a relatively long life due to the simple fact that they did not allow their bilge to become wet.

Maintenance Schedule

Keep in mind that the generator is just like the main engine in the fact that it must be maintained on a scheduled basis. Follow the owner’s manual that comes with the generator and make sure to change the oil, replace the filters, and inspect the impellers as required.

As you can see, marine diesel generators can be a very good option to have on your boat.

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