Facts about Teeth Whitening in Weatherford, TX

Who has never dreamed of whiter teeth? With the countless technological advancements in dentistry, the options one has to change their smile is endless. Most have heard of OTC teeth whitening kits, whitening toothpastes, etc. But what does a dentist offer in this area? What are the benefits? What are the risks of teeth whitening in Weatherford TX? All of these questions will be answered below.

Dentists have two methods to whiten teeth. The first method is performed in the office, using bleaching and laser whitening techniques. The other method is coating the teeth with veneers. Both processes get the job done well, but it is a matter of what the dentist ultimately decides is best for your smile.

Direct whitening: What are the different techniques?

Smokers or big tea and coffee drinkers will undergo scaling and polishing. At this point, smoking cessation is strongly advised. When teeth are naturally dark, the dentist applies a specific lightening product (carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide). Note that the time required for teeth whitening can sometimes be shortened by activation with a laser or a specific lamp.

The principle of this method is essentially identical to OTC home whitening kits. Some propose applying the product with a brush or a clear mouthguard. The nature of the product is always the same, but the concentration is lower than what is used in the dental office. In-office procedures take about an hour, while OTC methods take weeks.

So what are the advantages of going to the dentist for whitening?

  • To reduce the side effects of the product being used. The product is applied to highly oxygenated water, which does not harm teeth like OTC products will.
  • The wear of enamel by brushing is more important after certain methods of tooth whitening.
  • The products do not appear completely inert with respect to the pulp.
  • The concentration of the product offered in home whitening kits is smaller than what the dentist will use. Even the duration and frequency of applications are higher.
  • In case of bare roots (loose teeth), sensitivity to hot and cold may appear. The advice of a dentist is important here, as well.

It is recommended to consult a dentist if you are serious about teeth whitening in Weatherford TX. For more information, visit your local dentist today.


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