Facial Procedures A Cosmetic Center May Offer

If you are planning to change the way you appear, either superficially or majorly, you should first contact a cosmetic center. If you live in Jacksonville FL, your options for treatment are quite extensive. While some surgical procedures are quite common, others are recent technological innovations. It is important to understand what is available before you consult with a doctor on the specifics.

Surgical Treatments for the Face

You have a variety of options available. While tummy and other tucks are increasingly becoming popular for both men and women, when it comes to facial surgery, your doctor and specialists in Jacksonville FL will probably mention the following types of procedures:

Blepharoplasty: To achieve a rejuvenated appearance, doctors will remove any excess fat or skin at the top or bottom of the eyes

BOTOX®: If you wish to remove wrinkles, a cosmetic center may suggest this simply non-invasive procedure

Brow Lift: If your eyebrows sage and no longer arch youthfully, this procedure will remove it

Chemical Peels: By using certain chemicals, a professional will remove exterior layers of your skin to promote the growth of healthier and more consistent skin complexions

Dermal Fillers: This is an injectable filler used to replace any lost facial plumpness

Eyelid Ptosis Repair: If your eyelids droop or look sleepy, this procedure will restore their ability to open to their normal potential

Mid Face Lift: The intent of this procedure is to provide patients in Jacksonville FL with a lift for the sagging skin and deep creases in and around the cheekbones and nose.

Cosmetic Center

To find out what will work best for your situation, contact a cosmetic center. Professionals in such establishments can provide you with the information you require before going ahead with any cosmetic procedure.