Facet Joint Injections and Physical Therapy to Kill Facet Joint Pain for Good

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Health

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Facet joints are located at each bendable section of the spine. These joints enable the spine to flex and move with ease. A job that involves a lot of heavy lifting, an injury or spinal arthritis can cause facet joint pain. Unfortunately, facet joints are parts of spine that wear down with age too. Facet Joint Injections assist in the healing process by helping a doctor find where pain is coming from and relieving it so physical therapy can repair the joints. The injection inserted in the facet joint area contains a numbing formula that blocks pain signals. When Facet Joint Injections are given, the patient tells the doctor if there is immediate pain relief. If so, a facet joint disorder is the source of pain. Additional time-released cortisone injections are administered to the area to stop inflammation. Patients can do physical therapy exercises without pain after this.

Joints of the body all have cartilage that serves purpose as a barrier between soft tissue and bones. Cartilage also provides cushion for smooth movement of the joints. There is fluid that reduces friction between bones that come in contact with each other. One or more of these connecting constituents of the spine has a problem when there is facet joint pain. Cervical facet joints are in the neck. Pain extends within a range from the neck, down to the arm. Thoracic facet joint pain is in the upper spine. Pain is felt in one or more areas of the chest, upper back, or arm. Lumbar facet joint pain happens in the lower spine. The lower back, gluteus, hips, or legs are affected by it.

At Aspire Pain Medical Center, physical therapy for facet joint pain involves patients and doctors working as a team. The problem should never be self-treated. Symptomatic treatment exclusively, only works for those with mild pain. A combination of healing mechanisms are needed for those with moderate to severe pain. Curative measures are taken with implementation of physical therapy. Physical therapy includes disciplined exercises that improve flexibility and strengthen the spinal column. Traction is a procedure recommended by physical therapists that provides a great deal of relief. With assistance from a medical attendant and mechanical equipment, the spine is gently stretched to take pressure off the joints. Schedule an appointment to start a treatment plan. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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