Eye Surgeon in Derby, KS: When Kids are Involved

The thought of having eye surgery may spark at least a bit of fear in even the bravest of adults. Therefore, it is understandable why children may feel trepidation at the thought of such a procedure. Before canceling an appointment with an Eye Surgeon in Derby KS, parents can follow some tips to optimize their children’s health and reduce the family’s worries.

Involve the Children

When parents decide to Visit us for more information, leaving the kids at home, in an effort to spare them the details, might seem like a reasonable idea. Depending upon the age of the child, having the ability to learn more about both the surgery and the Eye Surgeon in Derby KS can calm some anxieties. For example, if children do not interact at all with the surgeon, their worries may intensify. In fact, older children and teenagers may have their own questions that they want to ask of the surgeon.

Visit the Library

For children who have never even worn eyeglasses before, the idea of surgery can seem terrifying. It might seem surprising that the local library can help, but many authors have created books aimed at dispelling myths about certain ailments and at reducing fears that children may have. Picking up some books about friendly characters who have had procedures done on their eyes or who wear glasses can allow kids to see the positives of the surgery.

Provide Facts

The amount of information revealed to children often depends upon their age. As they grow older, they can more readily detect when their parents are obfuscating details in an effort to shield them from reality. If kids are aware that parents are leaving out information, they may actually grow even more frightened. The fear of the unknown is a shared fear among many, and children are not the exception. Letting them know what will happen can provide them with a clearer and less anxiety-inducing picture.

While eye surgery can come with a host of worries and concerns for both parent and child, working to create a more comfortable experience for kids can help in both the short and long term. The family can feel more confident in the surgery, and the child can feel more comfort in modern medicine, leading to a lifetime of proper health care. Contact us to know more about our Ophthalmology Services.

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