Extending The Life Of Commercial Truck Scales For Companies In Fort Worth, TX

A top quality truck scale for any freight or shipping company or even for transportation hubs and logistics services is a valuable piece of equipment. Ensuring accuracy and a long life cycle on the scale requires just a bit of routine maintenance and some general use considerations.

Understand the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

It is important to carefully read and follow all instructions for the setup and use of commercial truck scales. Most shipping companies and services in the Fort Worth, TX area will have these scales permanently located and installed in a recommended area.

Simple things like assuring the area around and under the scale are level will be important in keeping the scale in top operating condition. The area should also be well drained, particularly for the heavy rains in the winter months that can cause significant flooding in some areas.

Training Drivers

One of the most important factors in keeping commercial truck scales in top condition is to avoid misuse. Drivers often use higher than recommended speeds when entering and leaving the scale. By pulling up onto the scale too fast, it is possible to create load shock on the scale.

Over time, this will decrease the accuracy of the scale. It can also cause structural problems with the scale as well as problems with the load cell and other components.

Training drivers as to the correct procedure for entering and exiting the scale is probably the single biggest preventable factor for possible scale damage. In most Fort Worth, TX companies this training can be part of the orientation process and a routine part of a reminder to drivers.

Keep It Clean

It is essential to keep the area around commercial truck scales clean. This means removing dust, dirt or gravel as well as reducing weeds or grass areas around the scale. Liquid spills, including oil, fuel or other types of dry or liquid chemical spills should also immediately be cleaned up to prevent damage to any component of the scale.

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