Express Yourself With Custom Faux Finishes In Your Home

Faux finish or faux painting employs a wide range of decorative painting techniques. The word “faux” is French, it simply means fake or false, the objective of San Antonio faux finish is to replicate the appearance and feel of other surfaces such as marble, cloth, wood, stone or wallpaper. It takes a great deal of skill and patience to apply a faux finish properly, the majority of homeowners who wish to express themselves with custom faux finishes hires a professional interior decorator. Once the work is completed, there is little doubt that it was well worth the time and effort.

Faux painting is by no means something new, there is ample evidence that it has been in use since the days of cave dwellers. What is considered “faux” today started many years ago with plaster and stucco. Faux painting tends to “come and go” as a decorating technique, the most recent resurgence dates back only a few years to the early 1990s when wallpaper started to become less popular. Initially, expensive, high-end homes were the first to return to faux finishes, today, a typical San Antonio faux finish can be found in any home regardless of price or design.

Faux painting techniques:

At its most basic, faux finishes are created with a natural sea sponge, glaze, and various colors that are used to add dimension to any room. A faux finish is just as applicable to a kitchen as it is to the master bedroom.

Rag rolling is another basic technique that is employed. With this method, the painter can duplicate the looks of antique leather or a weathered stucco wall. Rag rolling is quite simple, it is a matter of twisting old rags that are used to apply paint or pull it from the walls in an irregular pattern.

There are many different techniques; each one will produce a unique result. An expert in San Antonio faux finish can make any surface look the way you want it to be.

A San Antonio faux finish can be very dramatic if done properly and with taste. To explore what can be done with paint you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.

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