Exploring Photo Prints? Here are 3 Options to Consider

There’s something to be said for unique photo prints. If you want something different for your photographs, you don’t have to go with paper all the time. Here are other options you can go for:

Acrylic glass

If you want shots with high-gloss and brilliance, this material is a solid choice. It’s also durable so you won’t have to worry about taking it off your wall and replacing it with a new one much too soon. However, because of the surface’s high-gloss, you’ll need to be extra careful about where you put it and at what height. That way, you can prevent reflections from happening and keep your images glare-free.


Going for the classic? Photos on canvas fit the bill. You’ll need to decide on how thick you want the stretcher frame underneath to be, says the Amateur Photographer. Finish it up with a nice frame to go with that landscape shot or wedding portrait. Because of the texture of the material, your shots will end up looking like they’re painted on the canvas instead.


If you want quality printing, you can’t go wrong with metal. Plenty of lab photos offer metal photo prints in Connecticut so you won’t have a problem finding a good and reliable printing service. This material offers better color quality and has the added advantage of being durable as well as resistant to weather and water damage. So if you plan on putting photo prints outside your home, in the bathroom or right near your windows, where humidity and exposure to the elements are high, you won’t have to end up with a pile of ratty-looking photo prints. Metal prints will last you and your home a long time. And unlike acrylic glass, the surface offers less reflection so it’s easy to display your photos in all their glory.

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