Experts in Permanent Hair Extensions in Scottsdale

Hair loss may occur naturally during showers, brushing and blow drying. However, there are some serious hair losses that are of concern. Balding and thinning are the two major forms of hair losses in both men and women. A high percentage of hair losses (about 95%) have been attributed to hereditary factors, while other factors like stress, diet and medication also play a role. While balding may be relatively taken as a normal condition in men, it is stressful to women. It is, therefore, imperative upon those affected to look for experts in Hair Extensions in Scottsdale.

Baldness can be treated medically. There are drugs like Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is a solution that is rubbed on the scalp where hair loss is being experienced. Although its effect is not very effective, Rogaine slows down the rate of hair loss. Propecia is a pill that particularly treats irregular hair loss in men. Both drugs should, however, be prescribed by a doctor, and if possible, administer them personally. In addition to the two drugs, there are other replacement methods that are used to treat permanent hair loss by Donte’s of New York. These are mainly done through hair transplantation procedures like grafting and scalp reduction.

There are, however, other natural ways that can help reduce hair loss. Hot oil treatments where natural oils like olive and coconut are warmed and applied to the scalp, and thereafter shampooed, can help to prevent hair loss. Natural juices like garlic juice and onion juice can also be rubbed on the scalp when retiring to bed and cleaned in the morning. Normal head massages on the scalp helps in circulation and keeping the hair follicles active thereby preventing hair loss.

Antioxidants found in green tea have also been recommended as a potential measure that can prevent hair loss. Just like juices, they are rubbed on the scalp and rinsed after an hour or two.
Some of the stigmas associated with hair loss include inability to style your hair, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Others perceive baldness as a sign of aging. Treatment and prevention of hair is very essential particularly for those who are stigmatized by baldness. Look for experts in hair extensions in Scottsdale as soon as the symptoms start emerging.


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