Experienced Work Comp Attorney in MN

Workers compensation cases often cause opposing interests between the injured worker and the employer. Because of this, the claim process can be confrontational, difficult, and will frequently require the involvement of a lawyer. Worker’s Compensation is the name of a system of laws designed to protect a worker who has been injured. The intent of the laws are to ensure that anyone who is hurt at work receives appropriate medical care for their injuries, lost wages relating to the injury, and when necessary, rehabilitation or retraining enabling them to return to the workforce. Frequently, an injured worker benefits from speaking with an attorney who can provide them with information concerning their rights and benefits under the law.

While most workers recover quickly, the more seriously injured may have strongly differing views with the employer, or even with the compensation system, and litigation may become a serious consideration. Consulting with a Work Comp Attorney in MN is prudent and can give the worker counseling on their rights and benefits under the law.

A worker will usually retain a lawyer when they are refused their entitled benefits, or are denied extended or permanent disability despite significant injuries. Normally, employees are not familiar with the law, but an employer is very aware of how the worker compensation system works. It is very important an injured person consult with an attorney to ensure they are receiving fair treatment. A lawyer who practices in Worker’s Compensation cases will know the ituations covered by the law and can help ensure that the injured collect benefits that are due and receive the maximum financial compensation claim they are entitled to receive.

Workplace injuries can be difficult. They may be minor in nature or seriously debilitating. Sometimes they result in long-term or permanent disability. Contacting a worker’s compensation attorney will help you understand your rights under the compensation system and the best plan of action for you, both legally and medically. The goal of a worker’s compensation attorney is to work for the injured party’s best interest and see to their physical and financial recovery so they can get on with their life. For more information or to discuss an on the job injury, contact Malone and Atchison.

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