Experience Makes a Difference When Needing Asphalt Sealing in Sun Prairie WI

Whether it’s a road, a track, a commercial lot or a driveway, at some point it may require Asphalt Sealing in Sun Prairie WI. As asphalt ages, it can become brittle and lose its ability to hang onto all of the grains of sand and stone that it is comprised of. Sealing the asphalt can restore it to its original condition without the need to rip it all up and put down an entirely new surface.

Hire an Expert

When an asphalt surface requires asphalt sealing in Sun Prairie WI or needs to be replaced entirely, it’s important to hire someone who is knowledgeable about the process and guarantees the work that they do. Climate can greatly affect how an asphalt sealer adheres to a surface, and it can also negatively affect a new surface being laid down if done improperly. If not done correctly, the new surface can buckle and crack causing any asphalt work that was done to require an entirely new treatment to fix what’s wrong.

Residential Driveways

Many homeowners have asphalt driveways which require resurfacing over time. In most instances, the driveway can have an overlay applied that will extend the life of the driveway for several more years. Cracks and bumps will disappear after the new overlay has been put down, restoring the surface to like new condition.

Commercial Lots

One of the main complaints with commercial parking lots are holes that suddenly appear out of nowhere. Parking lot surfaces are subjected to a lot of traffic on a daily basis which can cause them to have some areas that wear away faster than others. Outside elements can also affect the surface layer causing potholes and buckling to occur. Resurfacing a commercial lot or driveway can restore its condition and make it smooth once again.

Being familiar with the area climate and the different types of asphalt products that are available is what separates a good paving contractor from the rest. A company that stands behind the work that is done can guarantee that the client will be satisfied with the end product.

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