Examples of When to Contact a Workers Compensation Law Firm in Pittsburgh, PA

Workers compensation insurance was designed to offer employees who have been injured at their jobs the security of knowing that their bills will be paid while they recover. Unfortunately, though, successfully filing a workers compensation claim can be surprisingly difficult, even when the worker’s injury or illness was the result of his or her work. Those who are having trouble navigating the complexities of the system may want to enlist the help of a Workers Compensation Law Firm in Pittsburgh PA, especially if they are experiencing any of the following difficulties.

Denied Claims

Insurance companies often deny what are, objectively, completely legitimate claims in the hope that those filing them will not go through the effort of filing an appeal. While it is possible for workers to file appeals on their own, most find that they have much more success working with a dedicated Workers Compensation Law Firm in Pittsburgh PA. After all, lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies and can offer their clients the representation they need if they must go to court.

Suspension or Termination of Benefits

Not all workers who have been injured on the job can return to work after just a few months, yet many find that their benefits get canceled before they are capable of returning to work. Workers who believe that their benefits have been suspended or terminated unfairly have the right to dispute the insurance company’s decision to terminate. However, they’ll be more likely to find success if they find a lawyer who will represent them throughout the process.

Third Party Cases

In cases when a worker has been injured by a third party rather than an employee or a coworker, things can get extremely complicated. The line between worker’s compensation claims and personal injury cases can become blurred, and workers may have a hard time receiving the compensation they deserve as a result, especially if their injuries are the result of defective equipment or other independent contractors that are not affiliated with their place of employment. Don’t give up hope, though; instead, contact the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas to find out about legal options that are available.

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