Evaluating Nursing Homes to Find the Best One for Your Family

When it’s time to make the decision about finding a nursing home for a family member, such as a parent, there are some ways to evaluate each home that you visit so that you choose the best one. Talk to other family members so that they are a part of the process. You can also get recommendations from your family doctor as there is sometimes an order in place for moving to a nursing home if it’s medically necessary.


Before you make any plans for a nursing home, you need to find out if the facility accepts Medicare or Medicaid. You also need to make sure the person’s private insurance will cover any additional payments that are needed. Find out if the facility has the capability of offering the level of care that your loved one needs, such as physical therapy or skilled care if the person is unable to get out of bed without assistance.

The Overall Environment

Take a tour of each facility that you’re interested in, paying attention to the overall environment. When you look at a nursing home in Rockland County, NY, talk to the residents and the workers. Their attitude can often reveal what they think about the service that is provided and how they feel about working in the facility. Look to see if the facility has enough safety features and if the environment is clean. If there are odors in the building or it seems like the residents are just sitting around, then you might want to look at another facility.


Ask about the certifications of the staff members. You need to make sure they wear the proper badges and identification so that residents and guests can easily distinguish who they are when they are in the building. Find out how the workers treat the residents and what is done in an emergency situation.

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