European Auto Repair Brand Spotlight: BMW

With regards to European Auto Repair, Beaverton mechanics have seen their fair share. With the new technologies and constant innovations in modern vehicles, car service has evolved leaps and bounds. Professionals in the car repair industry are always fueled by a love and passion for cars. A popular luxury car is the BMW, a solid car with a solid history.

Quick, what does BMW stand for? Bayerische Moteren Werke. If you aren’t fluent in German, this translates to Bavarian Motor Works. The brand has been around since 1917 and originally manufactured air craft engines. In 1923, BMW produced its first motorcycle, and in 1928 saw the first BMW vehicle. This first car was called Dixi. It is hard to believe that such a well respected and reputable brand ever had any kind of financial difficulties, but that very thing happened in 1959. Shareholders came close to liquidating the company. To the delight of BMW owners everywhere, the company pressed on. BMW acquired smaller companies, such as Hans Glas and the Rover Group. In 2012, Forbes named BMW the most reputable company in the world.

This iconic brand is very much a part of our culture. It is considered a symbol of higher status and folks who own BMW, or what they may call Beamers, are proud of their cars. Of all things, BMW is known for their April fool’s jokes. For example, one year they announced that customers could buy a Driverless Running Coach in celebration of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The BMW logo is widely recognizable, a black circle around a cross section of blue and white (based on the Bavarian flag). And as long as American mechanics offer European auto repair, these luxurious cars will continue to be a fixture of our culture.

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