Estate and Elder Law Attorney in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

In today’s society there are certain steps an aging person needs to take in order to determine what will happen to their property or loved ones if they are no longer able to fulfill those obligations. Long term planning and estate law are two of the major concerns an elderly person faces. Guardianship, asset protection and powers of attorney need to be arranged well ahead of time in order to prevent serious issues later on in life. A living will or long-term care plan should be arranged while the decisions are easier to make. With the help of an elder law attorney some of those decisions can be made in a way that will hopefully avoid mistakes. An Elder Law Attorney Bucks County can help you make those decisions in a well informed manner.

You will need to assess your assets and gather information about what you might need help with, then visit your local elder law attorney. A living will is the most common solution for people who have not reached an elderly age but still want to make important decisions before they become truly critical. Making those difficult decisions early is highly recommended by most attorneys, and could help save you or your family sleepless nights and stressful decision making.

Power of attorney is an invaluable tool when it comes to long-term planning, but you need to make the right decision when it comes to choosing your executor. You will need to choose an attorney that is well established, and operates a reputable practice. You can contact your states bar association for information regarding attorneys that operate in your area. Your executor will need to be a bar associate, meaning that they have passed the bar exam in their respective state. Decision regarding power of attorney will require a bar certified attorney, or you could be facing a legal crisis regarding your family or assets. Power of attorney is a valuable tool, but it can also be just what an unscrupulous person needs to take your most valuable assets from you.

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