Essential Things to Know About Divorce Mediation in Chicago

Couples splitting up or getting divorced can use divorce mediation in Chicago to plan their own lives and make decisions about their future. Mediation benefits parents who are splitting up but will still need to make decisions together about their kids, child custody, and child support for a long time.

How people make decisions in mediation can be a model for how to talk to people in the future. Also, couples are more likely to follow the terms of a mediated settlement because they made them together, and both agreed to them.

What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a third-party person who has been trained to help couples solve their problems. Most of the time, the mediator is a retired judge or commissioner, but they could also be a divorce lawyer or not even have a law license. The mediator helps the couple get a divorce by doing several different things.

How it Works

The couple and the mediator decide what needs to be discussed in the divorce case and in what order. Then, they determine what information needs to be gathered and shared. Between the first and later sessions of divorce mediation in Chicago, the couple collects all relevant financial statements or, if necessary, the opinions of experts like appraisers or accountants.

These documents are handled with the same care and concern as in a contentious divorce. Discussions center on how to find a middle ground on different issues to meet the needs of both sides. The mediator helps by telling the couple about the court system and how divorce issues are usually settled in a settlement.