Essential Considerations for Medical Malpractice Lawyers Near Rhode Island

Professional medical malpractice lawyers near Rhode Island handle many types of cases. These include situations in which a doctor made an incorrect diagnosis that had a significantly negative effect on the patient’s life. They must prove that the misdiagnosis occurred because of negligence. Failure to diagnose any illness also can be categorized this way.

An error in diagnosis or failure to find a disease often is not considered malpractice. Medical malpractice lawyers near Rhode Island consider how likely it is that other doctors might have made a similar mistake.

Proving Negligence

Proving negligence can be difficult. Both the defense and the plaintiff may have expert witnesses arguing for their sides. The lawyer for the physician and medical facility will explain why the misdiagnosis or lack of a diagnosis was reasonable, given the circumstances. The expert witness on the plaintiff’s side must demonstrate why the doctor should have made a correct evaluation.

Proving That the Error Caused Harm

The malpractice attorneys also must prove that the doctor’s behavior caused harm. For example, the physician may have issued a prescription for a medication intended to treat the misdiagnosed illness. A malpractice case would not be valid unless negative effects occurred that were serious enough to warrant a settlement claim.

Failing to discover a serious illness is a diagnostic error that can have severe implications for the patient. The person might become progressively worse before the disease is finally discovered. In some cases, it could be too late to prevent significant disability or even save the patient’s life.

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