Entrance Doors for Classic Style and Elegance in Los Angeles, CA

While large double doors and doors with extensive design elements are always beautiful and impressive, they aren’t the perfect match for every home or every homeowner. Finding the right entrance doors to convey the message of welcome and hospitality to your home is very personal, and it isn’t essential to go bigger and more elaborate to have a beautiful entrance.

Some people, including those with larger and custom homes, want to have a more subtle entrance in the home that is less imposing or less ornate. When this is the case, a simplistic yet beautiful design in top-quality entrance doors may be just what you need.

Rustic Doors

Rustic doors, which are often made of knotty alder in more solid designs, are a perfect option for a simple, elegant and Old-World type of traditional door. They can be complete with clavos, the decorative iron nail heads, as well as a speakeasy grill, or they can be a simple solid door where the beauty of the wood takes center stage.

Rustic entrance doors are durable, long lasting, and work with any style of home from a log cabin look through to masonry or natural stone. They can be left a lighter, natural color or stained darker for a more dramatic look.

Classic Doors

With rich stains and beautiful wood, a classic door design with a single solid door flanked by one or two sidelites creates a memorable and understated combination. These entrance doors are solid, strong and yet very stylish, sure never to be out of fashion even after decades of use.

Adding a more ornate door lite or more elaborate sidelites can enhance the design without becoming overwhelming. This is also a wonderful option for bringing more natural light into the entrance way and highlighting the front of your home. Opting for smaller or larger styles of windows, also known as lites, in the door and the sidelights can bring in more or less light and also completely change the look of the entrance.

The best type of entrance doors for any home are those that are top quality, well manufactured, and built with design, style, and durability in mind. The combination of solid construction and beauty is timeless, and it will allow you to enjoy your door as long as you have your home.

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