Ensure Healthy Teeth With Quality Family Dentistry in Haddonfield, NJ

Strong, healthy teeth are important for the well-being of the rest of the body. In fact, poorly maintained teeth can result in a number of health issues including blood infections and heart problems. Thankfully, these concerns can be avoided through regular care and visits to an expert in Family Dentistry in Haddonfield, NJ. Procedures that improve the health of the teeth include annual cleaning to remove plaque and the repair of caries. Caries or cavities are the results of decay and ignoring them simply makes the problem worse. A dentist can eliminate the damage by clearing out any decay and filling in the void with an inert material.

Unfortunately, people tend to have a fear of dental procedures and let caries grow and spread. This typically results in damage that is so extensive that endodotic treatment is required. This process is also known as a root canal. It is a procedure that removes the nerve and blood supply that every healthy tooth requires. Root canals can involve a lot of dental work, but the procedure is usually done in only a few visits. Once the pulp has been removed, and things have healed, an expert in Family Dentistry in Haddonfield, NJ, can place a crown over the remainder of the tooth.

If the damage to the tooth is severe, then an expert dentist may recommend an implant. Implants are artificial roots placed in the jaw that serves as an anchor. In this instance, they would provide a stable mount for a crown, but they can also secure dental appliances such as bridges. Replacing a damaged or missing tooth prevents other problems such as shifting teeth. Using implants to anchor a bridge avoids the problem of anchoring the device to surrounding teeth.

One reason to consider family dentistry is to protect the teeth of a child. Plus, familiarizing children with a dentist is an important step in their development, and it reduces the chance of them having issues later in life. The dentist can help with a variety of dental concerns such as eliminating damaged milk teeth or ensuring that the replacement teeth are growing correctly. Early visits to the dentist help children learn about the oral care and the various equipment that a dentist uses. Learn more about dentistry from the professionals at Dental Arts Of Haddonfield.

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