Ensure Excellent Oral and Dental Health Using a Family Dentist in Littleton

Your teeth are vital to your health and well being as well as for your personal perception, but there is more to good teeth than a beautiful smile. For example, your teeth need to be healthy and free from cavities. For this to happen you need to visit a dentist and have the teeth cleaned and repaired. In some cases you may not realize you have developed a cavity until the tooth gets infected. At this point it’s time to visit an emergency dentist and start an antibiotic treatment. Once the antibiotics begin to work the dentist can repair the tooth. If you don’t have a preferred dentist then a regular family dentist in Littleton can handle all of your dental needs.

A Family Dentist handles a variety of functions. The most common of these include cleaning, x-rays and general examinations. Along with checking your teeth the dentist will also examine the gums to make sure they are healthy. This is important for overall oral health because gingivitis is one of the most common diseases in the U.S. and surprisingly, few people realize they have it. With the help of your dentist and regular dental care such as routine brushing, flossing and rinsing you can eliminate gingivitis as well as issues with bad breath.

One of the most common reasons that people visit a family dentist in Littleton area is a cosmetic treatment commonly known as tooth whitening. There are many methods of whitening your teeth, but most of them offer limited results. The only real way to get a bright, shiny, white smile is to visit a dentist and have them use a dental grade whitening gel or paste. This paste will sit on your teeth for about thirty minutes and provide you with a smile that no over the counter product can match.

Other cosmetic procedures your dentist should provide include the application of veneers, bonding the teeth, shaping the teeth and alignments. Veneers are a ceramic overlay used to hide damaged teeth, misshapen teeth or severely discolored teeth. Bonding and shaping are used when the teeth only need a little work such as repairing a chipped tooth. Tooth alignment will vary from full braces to removable aligners. No matter what condition your teeth are in the best decision that you can make is to have them examined regularly by a competent dentist.

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