Enjoy a Dry Basement Thanks To Basement Waterproofing in Frederick

Water in the basement is a problem that no homeowner wants to face. You’ll want to take quick action when water collects in your basement because gutters or drains are placed too close to the foundation, saturated soil allows water to penetrate basement walls or the slope of the landscaping around your home’s foundation channels water to the basement. In addition to solving the issue that initially caused the problem, you’ll want to work with a company that does Basement Waterproofing in Frederick to ensure that moisture can’t enter the space again.

Depending on the kind of leaks that are allowing water into your basement, you may need either exterior or interior waterproofing. Do-it-yourself waterproofing might seem like a good idea, but unless you are experienced in determining the reasons water is entering your basement, you should call on experts such as Keystone Foundation Repair, Inc. Knowledgeable technicians can assess the problems that are leading to your basement leaks and take appropriate steps. If exterior waterproofing is necessary, drainage tile or boards might be the best solution. On the other hand, the leak might best be solved by applying a polymer membrane sealer as an extra defense against water intrusion.

More often, however, your basement will need some interior waterproofing work. Keystone Foundation Repair can repair leaking floors and wall cracks, sub-floor drainage problems and a host of other issues that lead to water in your basement. Interior waterproofing is less costly than exterior waterproofing and is generally easier to accomplish. Often, wall or floor cracks are the source of the leaks. These can be easily fixed by injecting a urethane material into the cracks. A more complicated leak might be due to a sub-floor drainage problem that is handled with the installation of a drain system. While this type of leak is more difficult to repair than simple cracks, it is still less expensive and time-consuming than an exterior repair.

You may simply need a sump pump to prevent water from frequently entering your basement.  You’ll be glad that you’ve taken the time to do Basement Waterproofing in Frederick. You can reclaim your living or storage space without worrying about further water damage.

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