Enhance Your Security

The mere presence of a camera system Louisville, KY, is often enough to prevent a person from becoming a thief of your products or property. We offer indoor and outdoor camera systems that you can use in order to monitor comings and goings of employees, guests, shoppers and others. These cameras will also capture vandals, thieves, burglars and assailants who might be attempting to do harm to you, your property or other people. These cameras can be set up to monitor a front walk, sides of your building, stairs, back doors, loading docks, parking lots and other exterior areas.

We also have camera systems that are ideal for indoor monitoring. Perhaps you need to monitor a row of cash registers in order to make sure that employees are not stealing and customers are not sneaking items out of your store without paying. Maybe you need cameras in your inventory areas in order to reduce loss. We can set you up with cameras to monitor all of these places.

Our company can also set you up with cameras for monitoring hallways, storage rooms, employee break rooms and stairwells. If you have a lobby, mail room or equipment room that would benefit from monitoring, we can also install cameras there. We have cameras with night vision and heat detection capabilities. Our experienced technicians can also do the monitoring setup so that you can watch footage as it is recorded or refer to it later on.

When you are in need of a quality camera system Louisville, KY, we are the right choice. We have systems that can include as many cameras as you need in order to monitor a large warehouse, store, office or other space. Give us at Sonitrol a call today or visit us online at https://www.sonitrolky.com/ for additional information.

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