Emergency Tree Work in Arlington Is Available When Severe Weather Strikes

When tornadoes strike, one of the most common types of damage involves mature trees being uprooted and blown down. Often, trees remain standing but large branches break off and fall. When trees and big branches fall on buildings and vehicles, Emergency Tree Work in Arlington becomes necessary to clear away the debris. In the case of a tree that is harmed but not destroyed, the technicians may be able to save it.

Some properties may have a few downed trees and other trees with branch damage. It can be especially disconcerting since tornadoes often cause serious effects on a home or two while leaving adjacent properties untouched.

The Combination of Rain and Wind

Tornadoes typically bring heavy rain along with the the high winds, which makes tree damage especially likely. The weight of the water being driven at a speed of 100 miles per hour or more can be catastrophic. Most people never even see the funnel cloud since all that is visible is very dark clouds, rain, and signs of strong winds.


Emergency Tree Work in Arlington can begin relatively quickly once the storm passes, although many property owners will need to take pictures if there was any destruction that insurance should pay for. Property owners have to contact the insurer to report the situation and keep track of any expenses incurred before an adjuster arrives, which includes payment to a tree service organization.

Widespread Destruction

If the weather destruction was widespread, volunteer crews may come through to help, including using chainsaws to help property owners with downed trees. Professional tree service technicians are called upon to clear downed trees and debris from roads. Trees and branches that fall on power lines must be attended to by the electric company because the situation is very dangerous.

Limited Damage

Often, however, a tornado touches down only briefly and affects a very limited number of homes. A serious wind event might leave only a handful of homeowners with the need for emergency tree service. In those cases, they won’t be able to rely on groups of volunteers and must contact a company such as Cambridge Landscape Co. Inc. Visit us online for more information.

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