Embracing the Metrosexual Lifestyle

It used to be men were stuck on one side of the fence or the other. A real man didn’t indulge in the kind of pampering care, fashion and grooming that were considered to be more feminine. However the metrosexual craze has brought men’s grooming and fashion into the mainstream allowing you to indulge yourself in finer fashion, spa treatments and grooming that would have been considered less than masculine over a decade ago.


Grooming has become easier than ever for men with the introduction of many affordable and accessible men’s grooming products. No longer consisting of just shaving cream and aftershave, men’s grooming products have become very sophisticated and can now be found in department stores and drug stores across the country. You now have choices including shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for the unique hair care needs of men. There are also moisturizers that target baggy, puffy eyes and wrinkles which would have been unheard of just a few decades ago. Products also come in suitable scents that make it easy to dress without smelling like your girl friend’s beauty products.


Manicures for men were something you only saw the rich and influential having in movies while they rattled off orders to their assistants. Now manicures and even pedicures are offered in nail salons around the country specifically for men. You can have soft hands and smooth well manicured nails without being self conscious or feeling any less masculine. Women love the look and many encourage their beau’s to accompany them for couple mani and pedi appointments.


From business attire to men’s Casual Shirts style is the defining attribute of the metrosexual. No longer stuck to the everyday suit, tie and men’s casual shirts, fashion is becoming more accessible for men of all walks of life. You can recreate your style or enhance it without feeling too self indulgent as most people appreciate a sharp dressed man. There are plenty of choices to help define your style and you can make the change gradually so you don’t shock anyone with a startling new look, or use a new job as the perfect opportunity to start redefining and rediscovering your sense of style. The metrosexual lifestyle makes looking good easier.

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